365 Project

may 28.  no photos for the next few days.  sorry, but life is going to be a bit too serious for photos.

may 27.  daddy has been leaving for work before the kids wake up, so we do facetime in the morning to say hello.  it's amazing to me that it is totally normal for the kids to see people's faces when they talk on the phone.  they are already so savvy, it blows my mind

may 26.  remembering my grandfather, Raymond Allie Williams.  RIP Gree.

may 25.  no, you are sneaky, jax.  i see you trying to go snag that second piece of cake.

may 24.  (terrible cell phone pic).  he has decided she is officially big enough to wrestle.  and she doesn't hate it.  oh, man.  they might be in the same weight class.

may 23.  no photo today.  having photo crisis.  trying not to freak out.  hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow.

may 22.  2 kids who can now drive 1 powerwheel is not necessarily a good thing.

may 21.  the fabulous red door in its entirety.  not to be confused with the fabulous blue door.  have you seen the handle close-up?

may 20.  i love these.  with every new flower, i decide it's my favorite.  i'm happy i still have so much flower season ahead of me!

may 19.  movie stars.

may 18.  not my best shot (sorry for the graininess, but inside in the evening is still hard for me).  two babies in a tent.  em's favorite place to be.

may 17.  drunk on water, wearing her everyday ensemble.  she certainly knows what she wants.  do i have next generation's punky brewster on my hands?

may 16.  please note the omnipresent beads.  she wears them all.  day.  long.

may 15.  exploring our yard.

may 14.  beautiful boy.

mary 13.  spent the gorgeous day at the playground with friends!  photo courtesy of my friend katie and her phone.

may 12.  spent the evening planting flowers with JDubbs and the kids.  i love bleeding hearts and am so glad i bought one!

may 11.  baby girl, taking her nap.  rocking her leg warmers and showing off her diaper.

may 10.  hello, horsies.  they're everywhere and i love it.

may 9.  (iphone) the view on our way home from the library.  there are two horses there, side by side

may 8.  enjoying a mother's day ice cream with my three favorite people.  happy mother's day to all you hot mamas!

may 7.  on his way to home depot for the kids' class with daddy to make a mother's day present this morning.  he still hasn't taken the apron off and it's been five hours.

may 6.  what do all these things have in common?  well, they are a craft-in-progress.  i have a plan, which i will share with you, soon!

may 5.  having fun with lightroom presets and my first magnolia blossoms ever!

may 4.  i love naked babies in the tub together.  happiness.

may 3.  playing at our friends' matthew and jacob's house today.  jacob was born one week ago on em's birthday!  so grateful for new babies!

may 2.  to remember the day the USA killed osama bin laden.  God bless our troops

may 1.  pretty in pink!

april 30.  who brought the cool kid?

april 29.  what the hell is this?  well, i'll give you a hint.  it came from my yard.  and it is a skull.  say it with me, "where in god's name do you LIVE?"

april 28.  the cake for em's friend birthday party tomorrow.  i guess when they say, "2 round cake pans," they don't mean "eat as much batter as you can stomach and then just pour the rest into out pan and hope for the best."  good thing toddlers don't have super-sensitive palletes

april 27. jdubbs's fan club at his first softball game (that's him playing third): jax, em, harper, and andrew.  best cheerleaders ever.

april 26.  happy birthday, em!  enjoying her birthday lunch at friendly's.  balloons rock.

april 25.  spending the night at gramma's = sleeping in bed with mama, without fail

april 24.  em's leg warmers, her birthday present from us.  i am obsessed with them.

april 23.  jax's first time in an art gallery.  he was sufficiently impressed.

april 22.  my poor sick little guy.  we've been quite a pair today.  but at least he had his dinner and a snuggle.  hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow!

april 21.  in his pjs after cocktails and crafts, waiting with me for my take-out chinese food.  he's a great partner in crime.

april 20.  the sad face.  he works this all day long.  and he has mastered the art of SQUEEZING out tears on demand.  he's so dramatic.

april 19.  jax, em, and their buddies, decorating a free cookie at king arthur flour this morning.  such great buddies.  ps. i love andrew's sassy face.

april 18.  i was in the process of making one of these for emmy's room out of cardstock when i found this at target for $16.  thank god for target, saving me from my crafty self!

april 17.  one cool dude.  more sepia cell phone.

april 16.  my hubby and me, hanging out at a bar with my fam watching the Red Sox lose (again).  sepia cell phone photos.  alright.

april 15.  two babies in one grocery cart car.  they actually didn't kill each other.  gives me hope for quasi-functional grocery store visits in my future!

april 14.  yeah, i'm drinking wine out of a juice glass.  just too lazy walk into the living room.  although that's where i'm sitting now.  just lazy then i guess.

april 13.  jax and his buddy colby, having some down time in their captain's chairs.  my kids are already so blessed with great friends.

april 12.  making mischief at the library.  these two had so much fun together today.  their friendship is growing by leaps and bounds; i love it.

april 11.  (stupid phone photo, can't rotate it)..  his first nap since we took away his binkie a week ago.  why is he napping, you ask?  because we gave it back.  now we can all relax.

april 10.  anyone else see a parked train car and beg her family for a photoshoot?  or is it just me?

april 9.  my son being kidnapped by the easter bunny.  doesn't e.b. look like a sociopath in this shot?

april 8.  full disclosure.  i took this photo last saturday on my phone.  but it was too cute to forget, so i still wanted to post it.  jax and his buddies in their jammies.  we have such great friends!

april 7.  trying to finish off our baby food.  she loves to eat, but she isn't crazy about puree--she likes the real deal!

april 6.  we're such dorks and i love it.  like i love our library bag.  like we love to read

april 5.  day one of taking away jax's binkies.  so far, not napping, but that's nothing new.  we'll see how tonight goes.

april 4.  an easter egg massacre.  i'll explain soon.

april 3.  1 book + 1 tube = 1 happy baby girl

april 2.  two photos since they're kind of hard to see (cell phone photos).  daddy and jax are at home depot for their children's class.  apparently daddy is going to have a hard time getting him to come home!

april 1.  i was going to post a picture of a positive pregnancy test to freak out my mom as an april fool's joke, but then i'd feel guilty if it gave her a heart attack.  so here's a picture of how we roll on a snow day: tent, pillow, blanket, snack, drink, word world.

march 31.  someone is loving her early birthday present from gramma!  this is the first thing they did this morning--even before breakfast.  thank you, gram!

march 30.  jax is growing up.  he wanted me to take a picture of his teeth.  funny boy.

march 29.  jax occupied em for me after she woke up from her nap.  when i went in a few minutes later, this is what i found.  no wonder she was quiet; she was drowning in toys!

march 28.  my very own "kick me" sign, stuck on my back without my knowledge by my 2-year-old.  luckily the guy at dunkin donuts was nice enough to say, "you know you have a lightning mcqueen sticker on your back?"  yes, i put it there on purpose.

march 27.  here is snotty pippin (aka em, the reason we came home from montreal a little early).  she was a puking machine for grammy and grampy and is now just keeping food and drinks down.  poor little booger

march 26.  no time to post; on a quick vacation with JDubbs to Montreal for the night.  No babies, no cell phones thanks to international roaming rates.  Here is a photo of our hotel, Hotel Place D'Armes  from the website, just in case you want to be jealous.

march 25.  jax calls little grapevines like this "moose".  He says that look like antlers.  He drops it on the floor and yells, "Moose!  Are you alright?!" then jumps down to get it and does it all over again.  I get it, but then again, I don't get it.

march 24.  she looks just like me when i was this age in this photo.  my mom's going to try to dig up some 1-year-old becky photos and bring them up this weekend.
 march 23.  gnawing on my lens cap

march 22.  mr. guy smiley.  love him.

march 21.  speaking of handsome, i think jax looks a lot like his dad in this picture, although i can't really put my finger on why.  the intense model gaze, maybe?

march 20.  you knew my husband was handsome, but did you know he also is the chef in the family?  he cooks every night.  today we're having his parents and sister over for dinner.  chef jdubbs is preparing a delicious tandoori pork dish.  yum.

march 19.  i bought them matching pj's for st. patrick's day and then forgot about them.  j and e wore them a couple days late.  i love that she's pretty much the same size as him!

march 18.  the little stream is flowing again.  that means the snow is melting!  and mud season is  just beginning...

march 17.  first steps are imminent.  time to accessorize those toes!

march 16.  fresh snow piled on my windchime is so depressing

march 15.  someone got her birthday accessories in the mail!  got them from a fabulous etsy shop, The Bitsy Beau.  If you get something, tell her I sent you and maybe she'll be my sponsor one day :)

march 14.  after a hard workout at gymnastics, we like to celebrate with a donut.  nothing says reward like sprinkles.

march 13.  a photo taken by my fabulous friend amy, whose daughter is here with jax.  unfortunately for all of you, her blog is now private, because she and her daughter are some of the coolest people i know.

march 12.  happiness is watching your baby girl smile.  but she's not smiling at mommy.  oh, no.  those smiles are reserved for daddy and elmo.

march 11.  watching daddy shave.  he used one of my razors (with the guard on) to pretend he was shaving, too.  see that hero worship in his eyes?  wants to be just like daddy.

march 10.  peace out, Binkie.

march 9. a friend's yard this afternoon.  photo taken with my iphone.

march 8.  i told you this kid loves to read.  "the letter O is broken, mama!  fix it! fix it"

march 7.  two plows, three grown men who do this for a living, one dog, and one set of chains cannot overcome today's measly snowstorm.  must be pretty embarrassing for them considering we pay them to plow our driveway and one truck's been stuck here for almost two hours...

march 6.  sometime in the middle of the night last night.  he looks like such a little boy.  i love his feet and how he has to sleep with about fifteen trucks, two blankets, one blankie, one binkie, one pillow, a couple books, a stuffed lion, and a tent every night.  and he sleeps like a baby.  wish our baby would follow suit!

march 5.  what our life here in vermont looks like before 9 a.m.

march 4.  em and her buddy andrew hanging out in a tent.  i think daddy is going to want to have a talk with andrew if they keep sneaking off together...

march 3.  the view from my kitchen window.  this is eye level for me.  literally what i see when i do dishes.  i have been trying to capture the mounting snow outside the back of our house for some time (mostly from the roof), but since this part of the house never gets any sun, the photos have been subpar.  But since it ain't getting any sunnier, i thought i'd share the view from here.  ridiculous amounts of snow.

march 2.  how is it that my 26-month-old was messier about eating his bagel than my 10-month-old?

march 1.  jax at the door to our music together class, the purple crayon in woodstock, vermont.  snow much?  i wish he wasn't standing directly in that creepy tree's shadow, but the glare off the snow was so bright that i didn't notice at the time.

february 28.  our birdhouse is still uninhabited.  really, who could blame them?

february 27. my first photo taken on my phone with the instagram app.  it's not a great picture (whiny child, bumpy road, lots of bright snow brightening up the background) but i'm just really excited to play with this4.  and it was free!

february 26.  i'm cheating.  this picture is almost three years old, taken in kauai, hawaii.  It's a secret little place that i am going to tell my friends diana and tim about tonight when we go visit them, and since i know she checks the blog, i wanted to get her excited for her honeymoon!  heaven.

february 25.  on the lookout for spring.  nope.  just another foot of snow.  spring will have to wait.

february 24.  i told you i love these puppets and was going to go buy more.  such a fun way to play

february 23.  how come he never makes eye contact like this when he is facing the light?

february 22.  who's ready for spring?

february 21.  tiptoe through the tuplips

february 20.  jax pushing his cousin (and good buddy) tommy.  loved having family around all weekend!

february 19.  (iphone) jax taking em for a walk for the first time.  20 degrees and windy.  watch out for snowbanks, jax!

february 18.  showing grammy love and sharing stickers.  what a great treat to have her and auntie aj here!

february 17.  (taken with my iphone) exploring the new blue man group exhibit at the local montshire museum.  worth the price of an annual pass

february 16.  we're fired up for the first cocktails & crafts event!  are you?

february 15.  jax and his buddies andrew and colby at the purple crayon in woodstock.  surrounded by nifty arts and crafts supplies, but playing with play-doh, which they all have at home.  of course.

february 14.  happy valentine's day to my beautiful children!  little treats for you, with love xoxo

february 13.  jax and my iphone sitting in a tree...

february 12.  after two and a half years of thinking they were lost, found our passports and travel journal today.  passports are replaceable; our daily thoughts and memories written down during our honeymoon while sailing the greek islands is not.  thrilled and relieved.

february 11.  iphone!  iphone!  iphone!  (my husband is the best)

february 10.  Note: I have been called out by a husband who shall remain nameless.  I have been getting lazy and not posting a picture that I actually took that day; they've been pictures that I've had the time to edit that day.  So in the name of honesty, I deleted my old picture for today and will post this one instead.

em's nap today.  she resists it so much that she usually falls asleep sitting up and then falls over into any number of positions.  i will continue to document this strange phenomenon.

february 9.  i make chocolate look good.

february 8.  hello, naked baby!

february 7.  this pretty much sums up who he is. a few of his favorite things.

february 6.  pic from daddy's blackberry: jax on a forklift in BJ's.  how daddy kills time while mommy's away.

february 5.  my husband.  the vermonter.  he's so handsome.

february 4.  so excited about big boy underwear, he has to drum!

february 3.  a leftover rainbow from our craft yesterday.  something to brighten your day.

february 2.  no groundhogs.  just baxter, attacking an ice chunk.  get it, baxter! (and yes, for those of you sunny californians, that's our yard)

february 1.  changing an electrical outlet.  daddy turned off the power so as to not electrocute himself.  he asked jax to go run and get him a flashlight.  jax came back with his helmet.

january 31.  anticipation is the worst part of catching a snow ball!

january 30.  self-portrait.  me and my baby girl.

january 29.  remember frosty, jax's first snowman?  let's just say he's been neglected.

january 28.  woodstock, vt.  there's actually a picnic area and river underneath all that snow!  jax is looking for it, to no avail.

january 27.  jax and daddy.  staying cool!

january 26.  eating is a messy business.  especially when manual dexterity is still in the developmental stages.

january 25.  stuck in a snow bank.  good times.  thank god for friendly snow plows who are always up for helping a mini-van in distress.

january 24.  the temperature at 8:30 a.m.  -14.6 degrees.  and i have to take jax to gymnastics.  great.

january 23.  crowing!

january 22.  no coat.  no mittens.  no biggie.  this is vermont, people.

january 21.  percussion.

january 20.  showing he loves her.  finally.

january 19.  my lunch.  4 zillion weight watchers points.  started making brownies only to discover we had no eggs.  would be a pity to let the batter go to waste.  and apparently i've been known to do this before.  something in my subconscious?

january 18.  low lighting.  my biggest enemy.  used "aged photo" preset to minimize the graininess.  didn't help much.

january 17.  each doing their own thing.

january 16.  one of my best friends, dawn, and her son, connor.  rocking their patriots gear, to no avail.  trying out a lightroom preset, color cp 3. a little green but i like it.

january 15.  already posted this on the blog, but it's what i got.  oh i just love them.

january 14.  slacker again.

january 13.  he's giving her noggin, she's playing hard to get.  ooh, this dvd cover is so interesting!

january 8.  january 9.  january 10.  january 11.  january 12.  i bet you didn't think my kids went this long without having their pictures taken.  stomach bug.

january 7.  a bit too washed out, but i like how the flower is pinker than the rest

january 6.  pretending to take a picture but really watching tv

january 5.  hello, beautiful.

january 2. january 3. january 4.  didn't plan on doing this 365 thing so no pictures.  already a slacker.

january 1.  meet frosty, jax's first ever snowman.  Melissa and Doug toy screws make the best eyes.

Not only am I late, I am a copycat.  I've toyed with the idea of copying Jaime's 2011: 365 project for a while, and only today have a built up the gumption to officially give it a go.  The idea is to post a picture every day for the entire year, which will give me a valid excuse to keep photographing and blogging other than pleasure.  I'm making a commitment to post pictures every day and highlight some snippet of the chaos that is our life.  So here I go.  Better late than never!