The Dirt On Us

The writer of our story.  A teacher on hiatus.  The best mommy  possible to Jax and Em.  A wife with good intentions.  A daughter who lives too far away.  A sister and friend to call anytime.
Photographer.  A born Bostonian.  Ex-Californian who misses the sunshine and sunsets.  Resident and prisoner of Vermont.  Making the best of every moment.

The love of my life since I was twenty.  The tall, dark, and handsome man who was worth changing my life for.  Dedicated and passionate father.  Outdoorsy.  Committed to family, hard work, fun, sports.  A good man.
Our precocious two-year-old son. The one who keeps us smiling, keeps us on our toes, keeps us guessing.  Who wakes me in the morning and wants me to tuck him in every night.  My special guy.  Our buddy.  Em's big brother.  Toddler monster.  Loves the alphabet, books, things that go, and sometimes his sister.  Our firstborn and special little boy.

  Our baby girl.  Our only sunshine.  The joy of our days.  Growing, changing, learning every day.  Has Daddy wrapped around her finger.  Snuggling with Mommy every night.  Jax's biggest fan and loyal companion.  Sweetness.

The Love Story

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JDubbs and Becky met working together at a small restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where they dated for a whirlwind summer.  JDubbs moved to San Diego.  Becky moved to Connecticut.  Four years later, Becky was packing up her car and moving cross-country to change her life and see what could become of them.


After tiring of the hectic pace of Southern California, pregnant with Jax, they packed up and moved to Vermont where JDubbs would work with his dad and Becky would set up home base.  Enter Baby Em and a puppy named Baxter and such is our happy, albeit rural, life.  Happiness abounds.

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