Cocktails & Crafts

Cocktails and Crafts is a monthly excuse to get together with friends and families, be artistic, and enjoy a drink or your choice, be it a lemonade or a lemontini.  It's about expressing yourself and having fun!

I went into detail about the rationale behind C & C here, when I first introduced it.  But here are the nuts and bolts:

*Get a group, however big or small, of people you like to spend time with

*Create a random order of who will be hosting a monthly get-together, taking turns one per month. I suggest you pick a solid and consistent date, like the 3rd Wednesday of the month, so people can always pencil it in and look forward to it. So if you have six friends, you will host once in a six-month period, and then you start again

*The person hosting provides a craft for the friends or for friends' kids.  This means all the materials for all the participants

*The other people (who are the guests and are therefore not providing the craft) provide snacky food and tasty beverages, whatever they may be.

*If you don't have kids, you can still do Cocktails and Crafts with friends! You can scrapbook, you can paint pottery, you can build, you can knit, you can make photobooks online, you can make Christmas presents.  Just because we're older doesn't mean we can't express ourselves artistically!

To participate in Cocktails & Crafts:
If you want to have Cocktails and Crafts, please do! Just grab the html code for the button below

and please link back to me so that I can check out how it went and make any adjustments as time and experience goes on. Leave a comment with feedback to help me improve!

I hope that C & C gives you an excuse to spend a cold winter night or sunny summer afternoon with friends and families, being artistic and having fun. And don't forget a cocktail!

Past Cocktails & Crafts Success Stories
1.  February 2011.  Paint Popsicles.
2.  March  2011.  Seedlings.
3.  April 2011.  Pine Cone Bird Feeders.
4.  May 2011.  Windsocks.