NOTICE: Due to the fact that I am currently enrolled in an online photography class and need all the time I can get to focus on that, Sandbox Book Club will be on hiatus until June.  I promise to have some really great recommendations when I return!

Sandbox Book Club
An ongoing list of my children's favorite books.  To learn about this club, read here.

For Toddlers
1.  For those considering potty training: Bear in Underwear by Todd H. Doodler.  He also wrote Bear in Pink Underwear for the young ladies (which I have not read but I'm sure it's good).  Here's what I think.

2.  For those who love things that go, Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo is a must-have!  Here's what Jax and I think.

3.  Mama, Do You Love Me? and Papa, Do You Love Me? by Barbara Joosse.  These sophisticated and sentimental picture books will have you so happy you brought them home, and not just because of the illustrations.  I explain why here.

4.  Joey and Jet by James Yang.  A sweet story about a boy and his dog that teaches a higher-level grammatical concept as well.  Let me explain.

5.  National Wildlife Federation magazine subscription to Wild Animal Baby magazine.  You get 10 issues for $15.  You can go to their website here to check out an issue from cover to cover, or you can read what we love about it here.

6.  One Hungry Monster by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe.  An addictive story that teaches counting while rhyming.  A big favorite in this house!  Read all about it here.

For All Ages
1.  Bright Baby First 100 series.  Great as a staple of your child's personal library.  We own four and I can't say enough about them!

2.  The Gossie and Friends series by Olivier Dunrea.  Fun for all ages (not too be for adult readers, either!).  Read my thoughts here.

3.  In My Pond and In My Tree by Sara Gillingham.  A great book with a finger puppet!  Engaging for all ages, as I explained here.  These are only two of the many "In My..." books written by Gillingham--worth giving them all a look!

4.  Where's My Sweetie Pie? by Ed Emberley features rhymes, lift-the-flaps and a mirror.  Perfect for an inquisitive little one of any age.  Check out my explanation here.

5.  I'll See In The Morning by Mike Jolley is such a sweet story that will help everyone in the family sleep easy.  A huge favorite of mine and my kids!