Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sandbox Book Club #4

Sandbox Book Club Recommendation #4
The Gossie and Friends series by Olivier Dunrea

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Gossie and her friends, I recommend that you do.  Olivier Dunrea has created four goslings (the other one is Ollie; I can't believe I don't own it.  We usually read it at the library) who are like little people in the way that they act and play.  They all exemplify a toddlerish characteristic, and because of it, get into a bit of trouble.  The illustrations are fabulous; they convey emotion so clearly that even though the books' plots are simple, the stories have more depth because of them.

BooBoo loves to eat, until she eats something she's not supposed to (a bubble) and has to figure out how to stop burping.  Jax finds this book beyond hilarious and supplies the sound effects himself. 

In Gossie and Gertie, Gossie is a bit bossy and likes to tell her friend Gertie (who is a follower) to "Follow me!"  But when Gertie starts to make decisions for herself, like whether it is good to follow Gossie into a mud puddle, Gossie gets increasingly angry.  Jax loves watching Gossie's expressions throughout the book, and the way Dunrea has has Gossie "saying," then eventually "shouting" makes for fun storytelling for the reader.

I wish you could hear Jax's voice when he says "Follow me!" on this page.  It's like he's possessed or from the underworld.  It's so funny and worth the price of the book for sure.

The last book of this series we own is Peedie.  Peedie is forgetful and a bit irresponsible but learns his lesson by the end.  Jax's favorite part of this book is when Peedie forgets to "tidy his nest" and this is the picture below:

He always turns to me and attacks me with tickles, because he imagines that spiders are very tickley.  I caught him in the act this afternoon.  His left hand is reaching out with wiggly fingers to get me.

Also, as an aside, I think that Dunrea is a secret Red Sox fan.  Peedie is a nickname for Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, and coincidentally, Peedie wears a red baseball hat.  Peedie also does a lot of basebally things in his hat throughout the book: "He wears it when he dives; he wears it when he slides."

I say that thinking that Peedie is a little homage to Pedroia the Destroyah makes me like the book even more.

I wish I had Ollie but I don't and haven't read it enough to give you a full report, but that and all the little spinoffs of these books are great (Ollie has a couple books, Gossie has one without Gertie, they all have holiday books and lift-the-flap books).  They are inexpensive, durable board books that I think are pleasant to read and teach tiny lessons.  And if you like all four, you can buy them in a four-pack for next to nothing.  A great shower gift or fun addition to your child's library!

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Zeller Family said...

I bought J the Bear in Underwear book for V-day and about cried when he had NO interest. It's sooo cute. He was thanks mom. Maybe he'll come to like it soon? :) I love the book recommendations especially coming from an English teacher. You have a great library going!

Dawniebee12 said...

Thanks Bones! I am trying to make mental notes of all these fun books that Connor will like.

Becky said...

Oh Erin, I'm sorry he didn't like it! At least he's sitting on the potty instead of just reading about it like my kid!

amy g said...

I love all your recommendations, Becky. Thanks, we will put those on our latest list.

Yesterday Sierra and Nia were at the book store and he got her a board book called "BOOK", a simple, beautiful book about a child loving his book... and finally, falling asleep reading it. Adorable...I know you'd like it :)