Thursday, March 3, 2011

Loving Our Love Story

The story of how JDubbs and I fell in love in Ocean Beach is getting some love of its own!

Amber, of the beautiful "Social Butterfly" blog, is featuring our love story on her blog today!  She's a hopeless romantic who loves a good happily-ever-after, and she thinks she got one with us.  I couldn't agree more!

Thank you, Amber!  I'm so happy that you think our love worth celebrating.


Bold E-Zine said...

Visiting from the 'Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop'.

I'm starting to explore. Fixing to click on the 365 Project and see what that is. Best of success with your blog.

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...with ♥, SB said...

Becky, you love story is very inspiring. Thank you so much for participating!

hayley j said...

aw, this hits so close to home...

"he would always be "the one that got away," the standard that I held anyone else to, and to which no one could live up. I knew I was destined to settle for someone less than him, because the odds of us winding up together were slim to none."
exactly how i feel about an ex. we didn't talk for 3 years, but a few weeks ago, we did. and true feelings were shared, in a good way and i'm planning on visiting him this summer. this story gives me hope :) thanks :)