Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sandbox Book Club #7

Sandbox Book Club Recommendation #7
Where's My Sweetie Pie? by Ed Emberley

If you have a baby Em's age, around a year old, you probably have an inquisitive little one who loves playing peek-a-boo, sorting, putting things in and taking things out.  She loves the little girl in the mirror (or the front of the oven).  She headbutts her reflection and gives her kisses.  All of these things add up to a little girl who loves lift-the-flap books and toys and books with mirrors.  If this is true for you, then I have a book for you.

Where's My Sweetie Pie? is the sweetest book in our collection.  It makes both my babies, young and older, giggle and smile.

Each page has the reader looking for the narrator's sweetie pie with a sweet rhyming couplet (pair of lines).

In the end, the reader finds out that the "sweetie pie," is herself with a hidden mirror.

Em loves that part.  She gets to lift two flaps and there's a mirror?  Heaven.  And since the narrator is probably the mom or dad, it ends happily when we get to find our sweetie pie, right before our eyes.

I don't have any fancy explanations as to why you should buy this book, other than the pictures are adorable, the language is easy and fun, and the lift-the-flaps and mirror make everyone happy.  Good enough for you?  Then head over to from here and get one for your little sweetie pie!

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Leetah East said...

Wonderful review and a super cute book and kids!! Thank you for the recommendation.

Found you from the March Blog Hop and am now following.

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Our Little Bubble said...

we love peekaboo books! Their great for our 19mth old, 3 yr old and 4 yr old too... :) when they all love the same things it's totally a win, win in our house!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I love the name/picture on your blog. So cute. Rub Some Dirt on It, that will make everything better. lol...Newest follower on a blog hop. You can find me over at Hope you can stop by and follow back.

Cindy said...

awww... I think I'll get that for my grandbaby. What a great review!
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T @ The Happy Clipper said...

What a cute book!
New follower!