Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed

This past weekend the kids and I headed down to Civilization to visit some friends and play with extended family.  We brought our suitcases, our toys, our germs, and we were ready to go.  Unfortunately, one thing we forgot to bring was our pack n plays, so Grammy ran out and bought a second one for her house, a generous and much appreciated gesture.  However, in retrospect, we really didn't need either one of the pack n plays because even though my husband was a few hundred miles away, I did not sleep alone.

After they had each woken up twice and had to be snuggled and reassured back to sleep (Jax has a surprisingly difficult time sleeping at Grammy's--must be all the noise and lights that come from sleeping somewhere populated), I gave up and hit the sheets myself.  But to keep the further disruptions to a minimum, I just cut my losses and brought Thing One and Thing Two in bed with me.  I told you I was a closet co-sleeper.

The first thing I realized was that I wasn't really allowed to move too much and the second was that this was a snuggle to remember.  Jax started talking and moving in his sleep, which caused Em to pop her little head up and see what he was up to.  I'm not sure if she realized he was out for the count or not, but she took the opportunity to gingerly reach her hand out to touch him cautiously, like you would a stray animal.  When she got no adverse reaction, she kept it up without a making a peep, just reaching out and touching him.  She even held his Blankie.  After a couple minutes he adjusted and rested his hand on hers and I swear, she did not move.  I could feel the magnitude of the moment as she just sucked on her binkie without moving a muscle, taking in every second of this non-violent and extended contact.  The awe she has for her big brother was palpable and I watched it all with a knowing Mommy smile.  They are going to love each other one day soon.

Shortly thereafter she also dozed off to sleep and I was left grinning as two pairs of feet made their way over to me.  Like brother, like sister, they both like to rest their legs up and under, snuggled between my knees or under my thighs, or just chillin on top of my legs like an ottoman.  I almost laughed out loud when I went to rub what I assumed were Em's feet only to discover they were Jax's, who had crept them under Em's legs entirely to find his Mommy.  They were one big baby leg pretzel and when I finally eased my way out of the jumble to go pee, this was what I found when I returned.

Grinning ear to ear, I snuck back out to the kitchen, grabbed Grammy to show her that her bed was being put to good use, and held my breath as I took a picture.  It was worth the risk since they didn't move a muscle, even when I popped the flash.

When Grammy was ready for bed she brought Jax out to the living room futon with her and let me and Em spend the night in her room.  Thank you for all your help, Grammy, and sorry we spread our germs to you and everyone you know.  Must have been when we had the slumber party.

2 little babies, 4 chubby feet, 20 wiggly toes.

One lucky Mama.


Zeller Family said...

So sweet!

amy g said...

love this post!

gramma said...

just beautiful, germs and all!

Jessica said...

such cute little cusins. love erika