Friday, January 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love

2011 has proven to be far from healthy for our family, and throw a big winter storm in the mix and you get a few days stuck indoors making do with what we already have.  Each other, some construction paper, and tape.  And a diagnosed obsession with the alphabet. 

Jax's new favorite TV show is Word World on PBS and the characters are always building words out of stray letters.  Well, after hearing Jax chant, "Let's build a word!" for the seventy-fifth time in one morning, I decided to take him to task.  We pulled out the trusty box o'crafts, opened a fresh ream of construction paper, and Mommy began to snip, snip, snip some letters into existence.  Jax thought that was about the coolest thing I've ever done.  So what word did we decide to build?

Can't you hear him?  L-O-V-E!

In preparation for the first Valentine's Day we're actually going to celebrate, and since cut-out hearts are so easy when you can fold paper in half, we went with love.  Love is all you need.

Em was intrigued but a little under the weather so she just let Jax have his way with colors, letters, and shapes.  Scotch tape just doesn't do it for her the way it does for him.

And then, a little English lesson come to life, right in my living room.  Oh, if only my old ninth-graders could see me now! 

Personification:  giving human attributes to non-human objects.

This moment was love, personified.

oh, yeah, that's snow, people!

Em was feeling the love, too.  If only her brother had eyes for her...

So a snowy sick day turned into a day that was oozing adoration, at least at my end.  There is nothing like seeing their little heads encircled with hearts and the word that means more to me than any other to make me turn to mush.  A frame of love for my babies.

Oh, and Legos, too.  Guess who added that finishing touch?

To survive the winter, all we need is love!  And Legos.


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