Thursday, January 6, 2011


2011 has been really great thus far (minus the lingering sickness but both kids are definitely feeling better).  I think we've really made the days count and have been making the most of it.  And while making the most of it, we have been making a few other things as well.

Jax's 1st Snowman.

Not really sure what his face was trying to convey--excitement? fear? frostbite?

I love this picture of my boys taking it at all in.  So was I.  I was taking in the opportunity to watch my husband be the stellar dad he is, and to watch Jax learn something completely new.  What a great afternoon.  PS.  Notice the snowman's eyes?  Made from toy screws.  Of course.

We've also made progress.

Em has decided it would be pretty cool to learn to go from laying to sitting, from sitting to standing,...

...and to start crawling.

She definitely doesn't do it with regularity and only crawls as far as she has to go, but without a doubt she's going to be scooting all over our house very soon.  Back to baby gates.

Mommy and Daddy have made time and an an effort to have a swinging social life in 2011, and it's working!  Since New Year's Eve, we have gone out with our friends each once, plus been on two dates, including last night when we rocked out to one of my favorite bands and didn't get to bed until two o'clock this morning!  I think I'm just riding the high of dancing and spending a great night out with my husband.  I've also done four loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, stripped the bed, fed and entertained the kids, put them down for naps, etc.  Now I'm blogging.  I'm afraid if I stop moving I will pass out and not regain consciousness until Saturday.

Lastly, we have made one more thing.  We've made our bet for the BCS Championship Game.  The kids have their game faces on.

Go Oregon, alma mater of JDubbs's cousins Shane and Rayney and serious obsession of several of our family members and friends!  Hey, we're we're not on the bandwagon!  We've even been there!

JDubbs and his wonderful Aunt Candy, resident of Eugene, Oregon and the one who keeps us in our Duck gear and spreads the fanaticism cross-country.  I was there, too, taking the picture and pregnant with Jax.

That's how 2011 is unraveling so far.  We're making memories, making each other laugh and smile, and making time to enjoy ourselves.  Doesn't get much better than this!


Liz said...

I love these pictures! As usual! Your kids are so gorgeous - how can you stand it? :)

amy g said...

this post made me smile! We have been doing much of the same! Sledddng, snomen, smiling, etc...feels so nice! XO