Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Now that the kids are feeling better (thank God!), I can finally sit by our cozy, warm fire and appreciate the beauty of winter in Vermont. It helps that the kids are napping at the same time and that I am able to find a moment or two for myself. And part of that comes from the fact that one of the things that JDubbs does best is play outside in the snow with Jax (mostly to make up for the fact that that is one of the things I do worst...or maybe don't do at all). And this weekend, before the rain and sunshine had their chance to do their worst, the temperatures were in the forties and it was the perfect chance to take Jax sledding for the first time!

And nothing makes me smile more than watching my husband be a kid again. 
They bring out the best in each other.

Jax really is an outdoorsy boy and a natural Vermonter.  The cold doesn't even seem to bother him!  Plus he's a Daddy's boy and loves when they spend time alone together.  It brings the sweetest smiles to his face.

There's something amazing about having this open expanse all around us with nothing but snow and trees and room for winter fun.  I do complain about the drawbacks but having a winter wonderland in my backyard is most definitely a perk.

Plus I took all these pictures from inside through the window so I didn't even have to get cold! 
How's that for a perk? ;)

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