Friday, March 25, 2011

Thanks and Things

I have to say thank you, yet again, to one of the lovely mommy blogs out in the universe who felt that my blog was worthy of a little something special.  Michelle from Heartfelt Balance, Handmade Life awarded me this:

And she said the sweetest things about me and "Rub Some Dirt On It."  Thank you, Michelle!  You deserve all the blog love you've been getting lately!

So there are lots of rules and things that I'm supposed to do to pass this award on, but JDubbs and I are heading to Montreal tomorrow morning, the babies aren't napping, and I still need to pack, so I will send you here and here to learn a little more about me and pass on some blogs that I love.  You can always check out the Dig These Links & Things tab to find a list of many of the blogs I read as well as blog hops and link ups that I visit.  I'm trying to get it all sorted out, so if you're not there yet, be patient.  I'll get to you, I promise!

 And yes, in case you're wondering, JDubbs and I are heading up north without the kids, so it will be a quick jaunt to a new city, and I love any excuse to use my passport!  My blog will probably suffer for a day or two due to my absence, but a happy Becky is a better mommy, wife, friend, and blogger, so in the long run it'll be worth the hiatus.

Also, I've been lucky to have accumulated a few more followers and friends here, and I wanted to take a minute to say hello and thank you for being here!  Please check out the tabs above to get to know me and check out my children's book recommendations at Sandbox Book Club and my monthly get-together with girlfriends for Cocktails and Crafts! I'm still waiting for the first C & C spinoff--I'd love to hear about some creative get-togethers in your area!  You could even be a guest blogger and tell us all about it!

So thank you again and au revoir until we return from our night away!  Hope to have some interesting photos and great memories to share.

Oh and by the way, I created a cool, promotional "lemonade stand" here:

It's fun and worth the five minutes it takes to create one! Go take a look!

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XLMIC said...

Bonnes vacances sans enfants! I love using my passport, too :)