Friday, March 11, 2011

My First Award

I am excited to say that I was given my very first award as a blogger!  Nikki from Pretty Nameless thinks enough of "Rub Some Dirt On It" that she honored me with it.  As an honoree, there are a few obligations I have to attend to before I pass it on:

List Three Things That I Love About Myself:
1.  My photography skills.  Whether they're real or imagined, I love photographing my family and our surroundings and sharing them with all of you.  I love decorating my home with beautiful memories in a frame.
2.  My eyes.  My best physical feature.  They're green, but people always think they're blue, so I guess they're not really that awesome.  But I like 'em.
3.  My travel bug.  I love that I get restless if I am stuck in one place too long.  It keeps JDubbs on his toes because he knows when the natives get restless we need a road trip!  And he's so good like that.

Post A Picture I Love:
Hardly ever get my own face on here, so I'll post a picture of me that I love.

Ah, Venice...happiness.

Pass on to 5 other blogs that you adore.  Well, I already passed blog love on to four blogs today here so I'll just add one more.

and "Who's Your Dadej?" (pronounced "dah-day).
JDubbs's cousin Jaime's blog (Dadej is her last name) about life as a now-working mom to two fabulous and energetic boys.  Her photography skills inspire me since she is self-taught and back to work so it's not like she can spend hours editing.  She inspired me to do my 365 Project and I'm so glad that I did!

So, friends, grab this award and pass it on, if you will!  Thank you again, Nikki!  I'm so happy that other people enjoy what's going on here.


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Cherie said...

Congrats! Your blog is sooo wonderful. The photos are just beautiful! I like your real and sweet comments. Keep it up and I will be reading! You are a fav of mine!


The Dadej Family said...

Hey- thanks for the love! And congrats- I'll head over and check Nikki out.