Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bathtime Buddies

Our evenings just got a little easier.  The kids are really starting to love taking baths together.  It's actually downright hilarious to watch.

I can't even attempt to capture Em's water acrobatics.  As soon as JDubbs plops her in the tub, she immediate scoots down to the faucet and folds in half to shove half her face into the water and get her head completely under the faucet.  Then she flops onto her belly and alternatives between swimming, drinking, and scooting.  She has to have a little free time in there before Jax comes in to get her wiggles out.  I'm not sure if I'm psyched to take these two to the pool this summer or terrified.  We'll have to take baby steps and do kiddie pool first, to see if I can handle two.  For  now, baths are entertainment enough for us all.

Jax sometimes protests taking a bath with his sister, and that's okay.  He's allowed to make some choices about how he interacts with her, and it's really best for everyone involved.  We can't force them to get along all the time. 

Lately, it's been coming pretty naturally, though.  And for a kid who used to get physically ill when he was close to her (literally), we'll take all these mini-successes as they come.  Even if his new favorite game is screeching in her face to make her laugh.

In his defense, it works.  As does putting rubber ducks on her head.

Yes, they are growing closer and bathtime is fun for all. 

Especially when Em has enough.  Payback.

I told you.  Hilarious.


melissa said...

These are the most adorable bathtime photos EVER!!!! Awwww, captured beautifully =) xo

Amie said...


Ross said...

What it is about the faucet I have no idea! My oldest daughter was the same way. She used to go right for the spout and the amusement for us started!!

KY said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! This is so amazing and beautiful thank you for sharing our babies with us =)

Karen said...

YAY, it happened!!!!

Nikki said...

That last picture is awesome, the way the water looks frozen in midair! I also love the blue duck on the head. You have beautiful children!