Monday, February 14, 2011

Joy of Love #14: Rings

Today's Joy of Love assignment is to photograph your loved one's wedding jewelry.  I knew immediately which picture I wanted to use (and it's okay to go back and reuse one you already took, I think.  I still had to go through all my pics and reminisce about teeny tiny Em, oohing and aahing and reveling in my baby love).

If you have a young baby, I HUGELY recommend this shot.  Just create a shallow depth of field and make sure to select your focal point because unless they're sleeping, babies are wiggly!

I also like this one, though not as much.

She was one day shy of one month old when I took these photos.  She fit in the palm of our hands.  Now she just has us wrapped around her finger, no matter how big it grows.

If you never saw the photos from this informal photos shoot, check them out here and here.  Looking back, I never posted that wedding ring shot before.  I can't believe that; it's one of my favorites.  I'm glad I got an excuse!

And another favorite wedding ring shot that I didn't take (our wedding photographer, Erin Curran, did) that involved our wedding bands the day we got married is

Just thought I'd throw that out there because I love it so much.  And if you're really bored and feeling nostalgic, you can check out our wedding slideshow that she created here.

Be sure to check out the Joy of Love photo tutorial group.  It's been really great for me, and as my friend Alana reminded me, helps me to stay present (in the moment) with my family.  A very important lesson for any day.

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KY said...

I lOOOOOOOOOOve the first and last shots! Too precious, you need them blown up and framed nicely in your home!! They are truly works of art!