Monday, February 14, 2011


Here are Jax and Daddy, having a heart-to-heart.

There was some definite father/son bonding going on, over dinner and a pair of heart antennae.

I make an idiot of myself on a daily basis, so it's no new thing to him.  But I think being silly with Daddy, although common, is always super fun.


Daddies are so good at building and fixing things, replacing batteries, giving baths, telling stories, giving airplane and Superbaby rides.  Our resident Daddy is also very good at getting Jax to eat and to sit at the table.  It's extra special when Daddy doesn't have something else on his Honey-Do list to attend to and can just sit and catch up with Jax about his day.

And no one can make Jax laugh like Daddy does.  It's enough to make a heart smile.

I love being home with the kids all day, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  But there must be something heartwarming about coming home and seeing such excited faces, so happy to see you and welcome you home.

It does my heart good to see my boys loving on each other.

And being silly.  Nothing better than that.

Well, except for girls. We're still number one!  Just ask Em.

She makes my heart happy, too.  I guess it's just as full as it could be. 
A great way to be on Valentine's Day.

By the way, I submitted that last silly shot of Jax to the I Heart Faces photo challenge of the week, featuring the color red.

I hope they find him as entertaining as I do!


Liz said...

Awww, this is a great post! Your family is awesome - nice work! :)

Kasey said...

What great pics! You can tell he loves his daddy! Love the shot of #1!!

Laura said...

Cute set of shots! What little cuties you have!

Aj said...

o i love how he loves you !! its so sweet!