Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jax & Connor

Last Thursday was a day I had been very highly anticipating: The day when my dear friend Dawn would be visiting New Hampshire with her husband Tom and three-month-old son, Connor. This was such a delight to me because I had only met Connor a few days before, and I had had to share him with a house full of people, notably his grandparents who were loathe to share him at all (who can blame them?).

So Jax and I drove an hour to Tom's stepfather's cabin in beautiful, rural New Hampshire, where Dawn and I got to hang out alone with each other's sons for the first time! It was such a wonderful day, and I love the fact that I get to experience motherhood with so many of my best friends. Plus, everyone is having boys! Imagine the baseball and basketball games we'll have in a few years!

We took the boys to the playground down the street from the cabin, and I think they would have been content to just stay in the swings all afternoon.

Then we had lunch and spent some more time catching up. It makes me so happy to get to spend time with my far-away friend Dawn, who is making her home in North Carolina and I think will continue to be there for a while. I realize now that we didn't take a picture of the four of us that day, but I think she has one on her camera. I hope we'll have many more occassions to do so in the future!

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