Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have many fond memories of picking apples or pumpkins at Lookout Farm in South Natick, Massachusetts. This organic farm has many wonderful attributes, such as inexpensive organic fruit, miles of apple orchards, a plentiful pumpkin patch, and a train ride that takes families to some kind of Kiddie Land, with a petting zoo, moonwalk, a burlap maze, and a giant pile of hay bales. Oh, good old fashioned New England fun.

Last weekend, Jax and I revisited glorious Lookout Farm with my sisters and Jessie's kids, Christian and Erika. It was a fabulous day! I have to say, money well spent, and I recommend that any families in the greater Boston area head over for a good time. It seems funny that kids in Christian and Erika's generation would enjoy the simple joys of a farm, but I think they're all so technologically burnt out that it's nice to spend some time just being kids.

Speaking of being a kid, Jessie, Amanda and I had a pretty good time, as well!

Jax's greatest joy was the farm animals: goats, llamas, piglets, donkeys, rabbits, and sheep. They didn't really give him the time of day, and when they did come near, he seemed to lose interest. But whenever they made their sweet animal sounds, he perked up and pointed at them happily.

Jax's first day on the farm was a huge success, and we'll definitely be heading back to pick pumpkins in the fall!

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