Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celebrating Jax!

Last Sunday, a special someone turned two years old.  We celebrated at Nana and Papa's house with family, presents, yummy food, and of course, even yummier cake!  Jax was the official taste-tester.
It was a low-key kind of day, just a family gathering with the added bonus that someone deserved a little celebrating.  And did he have fun!  And chocolate ;)

Em wasn't allowed any cake, but she sure did look beautiful while she hung out with her aunties and Grammy!

Tommy is walking now and he and Jax played very nicely together!  It was heart-warming to see the two of them playing alongside each other instead of independently.  They made us all smile thinking of holidays to come and how much fun we'll all have!  Just wait until Em joins in.  Oh, boy...

It was a really great day, and I tried to appreciate all the special moments, like when I was lucky enough to be with both of my babies.  Whenever I hold them both like this, Jax says, "One, two babies!"  Makes me smile every time.

And then there was cake.

Not too messy this year.  He has had a bit more experience in the chocolate department than last year.   

But it was every bit as good!

And don't forget presents!  Every time Jax opened a new one he was enthralled and we had to tear him away.  He really was grateful to everyone for all his fabulous gifts.  We've been enjoying them every day since.

Even E got a turn.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jax!  You are one special little boy, surrounded by so many people who love you.  We hope your third year is as wonderful as you are!

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