Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who He Is

Pictures, stories, cake--all those are to come in the next post about Jax's 2nd birthday party.  But this post is about my little guy who is growing up so quickly and how miraculous he is.

He is in a funny place in his personality where he knows what he wants and is adamant about it: if it's Mommy he wants to get him out of the crib, even if she's busy feeding Em at that moment, he will wait for Mommy even if Daddy is standing there with open arms.  If he wants pancakes, nothing else will do.  If he loves Em, he smothers her with more toys than her little fingers can handle; if he hates her, he will chuck those same toys at her head.  He is definitely a man of emotions right now, melting into a puddle of tears or laughing so hard he can't breathe.  He likes kisses and band-aids on his boo-boos.  He drinks milk by the gallon and would snack all day and skip meals if we let him.  He is becoming clingy and shy, but when he's comfortable he's hilarious and confident.  Basically, he is a paradox, the epitome of a toddler.  He is all boy.  He is a mama's boy.  He is going to be an awesome big brother, when he comes around to it.  He is kind of mean to Baxter.

He wants Daddy to tell him a story at night.  He wants me to sing him "You Are My Sunshine" and say goodnight our special way.  He still is completely attached to his binkie and blankie.  He will only go in the potty once every blue moon.  He loves books, stickers, screwdrivers, and cars.  I think his favorite color right now is red, or maybe that's just because he's obsessed with firetrucks.  He loves being outdoors and today wanted to go out to see the leaves falling.  He will want to go out in the snow and I have to mentally prepare myself that I will have to take him.  He says that the sun is in his eyes even when it's not sunny, but he won't wear a hat.  He loves to dance and has a signature butt-bumping move. 

He can tell you about his day and will recap with Daddy when he gets home.  He emptied out a cabinet and crawled inside by himself.  He doesn't always take naps.  He likes to pick out his own pajamas.  He takes music and gymnastics and is good at everything he does.  He finishes my sentences when we read together; he has entire books memorized.  He knows his abc's, colors, can count to somewhere in the teens, and knows some shapes.  His mind is growing and learning at such an unfathomable rate--I hope I can keep up with him and keep his interest until he goes to kindergarten!

He is my best buddy and I'm grateful for every day I get to spend with him.  Even when he pushes my buttons or wants only me for 24 hours straight, I know I'm so very lucky to have him.  I tell him I love him more than my next breath, like my mom says to me.  I can't believe he's two, and yet I remember all his stages and know that he is ready to be two.  He's our big guy and I can't remember life without him.

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