Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Bears Sighting

Here is a sneak peek at our Christmas card for 2010:

I'm not blowing any surprises by letting you see these two solo shots.  Anyone who has spoken to me about my dream for this year's Christmas photo shoot knows that I wanted to try to get my kids into this wooden sled together (which would have been a Christmas miracle in and of itself) and I wanted real Vermont snow for those friends and family in California who are still wearing flip flops.  It's Go Big or Go Home up here, and I think I would have just skipped the whole holiday card thing altogether if there had been no authentic snow for my backdrop.

But, it's New England, and thankfully, fickle Mother Nature cooperated.  Sunday morning we woke up to a dusting, which was supposed to turn into a frosty wintery mix, so I wrangled the kids into their winter gear and dragged them outside in the snow/sleet/rain.  I bribed Jax as much as humanly possible to get him to sit with Em in that sled before the rain or our dog destroyed my winter wonderland.  And it worked!

In order to maintain a bit of suspense,  I will leave the chosen shot out, but will provide a few that didn't make the cut:

Mom, I'm gonna murder you.

Hugging?!  You've got to be kidding me.

I don't have to take this abuse!  This is bad for my self-esteem.

And here is one that is cute, but not Christmas card perfect.  Blame the photographer.  Or Daddy for distracting the baby bear.

And lastly, not the Christmas card shot, but the one elusive photo I've been waiting for for seven months, two weeks, and four days.  My Christmas miracle: a picture that shows Jax actually likes Em.

Or at least likes being bribed with marshmallows.  Whatever.

I will post the Christmas card, probably after the holiday, since that's when everyone will likely receive theirs as I only ordered them two days ago!  Nothing like a little holiday procrastination!

Merry Christmas!  Love, My Baby Bears


Karen said...

hahahahahahaha soo cute! I blew our card and shared it. It really isn't easy! Great Job Mama bear =)

gramma said...

boy did i laugh at that! how precious are those two?