Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sitting on the Dock on the Lake

 Jax and Tommy have a lot to look forward to as they grow up.  The men in our family seem to have lake water in their veins and fish on the brain.  At least when they're on vacation.  

Jax and Tommy seem to be no exception!

The first day in Maine was overcast and rainy, which was perfect for setting up house and grocery shopping.  By evening it had cleared up and there is nothing two little boys like better than to explore, especially something as tantalizing as Uncle Tom's boat.

This dock and boat slip were literally feet from our cabins so we could all enjoy the boat and do a little fishing (even me!).  Jax got to take his first boat ride and loved exploring the dock whenever he could drag someone down there.  It made the vacation just that much more pleasurable for everyone.

I can only imagine how the boys and Em, too, if she wants will love going there every summer and learning the ways of the water.  Fishing, boating, sitting on the dock--it's all part of the everyday goodness in Maine.

It's what they were born to do.

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Zeller Family said...

such great photos...looks like a beautiful place~