Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Day- to-Day

Let's see...what's new with us Vermonters?  Well, let's start with the mundane--we've had a heat wave and it's actually been hot enough to keep J and his little buddies off the playground.  For those of you without toddlers, this is quite amazing.  They put in a real good effort for about a half hour then they all just hunkered down in the shade and shared snacks.  Speaking of buddies, JDubbs and I have had a run of quality friend time lately--I really can't complain about our social calendar anymore--it's picking up!  We've had dinner at friends' houses and had one of our favorite families, the Kents of Nia Sierra fame, over the other night.  Jax and his buddy Nia had dinner on his picnic table outside and got along splendidly.

Speaking of J, he is talking like mad and has peed in the potty three times.  To someone with two children in diapers, this is a really big deal!  I also think he may have grown an inch or so, but I could be totally wrong.  He is going to be two in less than two months!

Em is changing like crazy.  People are always saying, "She's a little person now!"  She totally is.  She talks back and forth with me and smiles and squeals.  She had her 4 month appointment and was 14 lbs. 2 oz. and was 24" long.  Still growing, although her percentiles have been all over the place, up and down.  I think she'll just be average sized, like her mama.  She is rolling over both ways now so she can sleep on her belly, which is why I think she rolled so early in the first place.  She is also recently going to bed unswaddled and it's going pretty well.  She still isn't sleeping as well as before we went to Maine, but she's getting there.  She is still our mellow little peanut (unless she's grumpy--then watch out!).

I'm sorry I don't have more pictures to illustrate this pretty boring post--just filling you in on the day-to-day details of life in order to record their ever-changing lives.  I'm actually really behind on my pictures, mostly because the ones from Maine are really great and I want to take my time editing them.  Also, I've been going for walks or to the gym in the evening so time that I would normally spend working on my photos or blog is kind of devoted to that.  I'm trying to find time to do it all, but there really are not enough hours in the day!

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amy g said...

We had a great time the other night.... Wonderful food and even better company! Thank you! xoxox Love the photo.

PS- I think I made my pics larger on my blog- however you may regret your request when you see the first picture. You may not want to blow that one up. LOL! xo