Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tommy's 1st Birthday Party

The day we left for Maine, we celebrated Tommy's first birthday, although the poor little guy was pretty sick and missed out on a lot of the celebration. 

He was surrounded with the people who love him most, family and friends and his favorite cousins.

He did his best to enjoy his birthday cake and everyone cheered him on as he blew out his first birthday candle

with a little help from his Mama!

We were really glad that we were able to spend the following week in Maine with him so we could enjoy his happy, carefree personality as he got better.  But he put on a brave face and did his best to enjoy his very first bites of birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, handsome little Tommy!!  We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we can't wait to watch your second year unfold!  We love you!

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lauren & aaron said...

Becky, maybe this is weird to say, but your kids have cute lips. :)