Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Bears

Remember last fall, when Jax was rocking the brown Zutano bear cub hat?

Well, those memories were just too sweet to forget, so of course both Em and Jax have new fuzzy bear hats for this year.

 Jax surprisingly picked the turquoise himself, but it's okay because they make his eyes look dreamy.

And of course, Em sports the pink version.

I share these because I love them and I think my kids are adorable, but I also love them because they're made in Vermont.  I encourage all of you out-of-towners to look for some online or I'll send them to you! They come with fuzzy slippers that are awesome, and they also have just cotton ones for you who live in more temperate climates and don't have to fight off real bears to get to your driveway.

From one Mama Bear to another.

(Featured: Zutano Fleece Hat, Chocolate, 0-6 Months)


KDStar1111 said...

LOVE their bear hats =)

Aj said...

where do yuo find your fuzzy ear hats?? i want one! a brown one! further more... yuor children are beautiful. thank you for sharing.

Dawniebee12 said...

Love those slippers! I'm sure Connor's wouldn't fit anymore. I can't believe you guys are in hats already?! It was 92 out here today! I'm kinda jealous!