Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No one is more surprised than I am that Em is turning five months old on Sunday and I am still breastfeeding.  JDubbs said he thought I wouldn't make it a week; I thought maybe a month.  But here we are, weeks and weeks later, and I am still nursing Em, and I will say wholeheartedly that I've loved (almost) every second--those middle of the nights when JDubbs couldn't really do much were a bit wearisome.

But now I am in the process of weaning this little chunky monkey onto formula.  As you can see, she's starving--

--so the extra calories will do her good.

Okay, so that is sarcasm at its best.  I'm weaning her for entirely selfish reasons.  I'm ready for a little more independence, ready for my clothes to start fitting again, ready for JDubbs to share in the joyful midnight moments that make infants so charming.

So I'm of two minds: excited to have a bit more freedom, but I will miss the uniquely special time that we share.  I probably have at least a few more weeks left, but it's the beginning of the end.

I love you, baby girl.  For all the trouble of breastfeeding, I wouldn't change a thing about the last five months.  You're worth it.


KDStar1111 said...

Love the pics =)

Tammy said...

Bec, these pictures are especially amazing. Nice work!

amy g said...

Love all your photos, but.....That last photo of her was MAGICAL