Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nana's 60th Surprise Party!

My father-in-law is the Master of Surprises.  He has thrown many an excellent surprise party in his day, but last Saturday was the end-all, be-all surprise party extraordinaire:  his wife's Surprise 60th Birthday Party.  

I  won't go into the nitty gritty details; just know that Nana was utterly in the dark until the moment she walked in her front door to find a sea of over 100 faces crammed into her living room, spilling over onto the deck, and under the beautifully decorated tents set up for the occassion. 

The best part of the celebration was when she finally made her way through the crowd to discover friends and family from Texas, California, and Oregon, especially her mom and sisters!  Her face was priceless, as you can see.

The party rocked on until the early hours of Sunday, with great food (a roasted pig!), great drinks, and great company, ensuring fun was had by all. 

Luckily for me and JDubbs, my parents came to babysit so we had a night out on our own as a special treat.  No early bedtimes for us!  Yummy wonder so many of my pictures came out blurry!

Haapy 60th birthday, Nana!  I know you had a fabulous week and you were loved and spoiled by all.  And way to go, Papa!  You pulled it off again!!


Shelley Fischer said...

Kevin and I had a fabulous time and it was so gret to get together with our family once again! It was so much fun to be part of the plan to keep the secret from Chris! Good job Becky with all the pics!

Aj said...

:) im so sad i had to work it looked so fantastic!