Friday, July 9, 2010

Christian & Erika


My beautiful niece and nephew, Christian and Erika.
You may remember them as the stars of our wedding in 2007.

We had such a great time with them last weekend!  They've grown up so much and can be less than angelic at times, but they were rockstars at the 4th of July celebration.  We love you, Christian and Erika, especially Jax and Em!  They say come back soon!


Jessica said...

Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of your celebration. Even with all of the roadblocks that we had to deal with, we did it! I can't wait to see you again....needs to be very soon :)Feel our hugs to all of you!! xo

Aj said...

o man i am so jealous!!they look like they had so much fun!! .. what beautiful children you two have-- thank you for making me an auntie.. i love it!