Monday, March 15, 2010


I wish I was less girly so I could have taken a picture to illustrate this post, but I just couldn't do it. Jax just had his first little boy moment, the kind that my father-in-law has been warning me about since we found out Jax was a boy, combined with the fact that we live in the woods.

He. Just. Gave. Me. A. Dead. Spider.

And of course I took it, because I just hold my hand out whenever he comes stomping over with a gift in his hand. I didn't even realize what it was until it's crunchy little legs were falling off in my hand. Yuck!

Thank God I am having a girl, because I don't think I could have stomached a pack of boys! Lord help me...


Zeller Family said...

My first thought was of another "first little boy moment" that you probably know what I'm talking about :) LOL

Tammy said...

hahahahahahaha if only there was a video of that, or at the very least a picture of your face. I love it (and you). xoxo