Monday, March 15, 2010

San Diego Photo Shoot

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures, and would feel completely remiss if I didn't include our first professional pictures as a family on our blog. We can certainly call it a family photo shoot because Em is in full view, as you will see. Our photographer was a family friend who not only takes great pictures, but also spent three hours with us in a few different locations. It was a beautiful day in La Jolla and David Torralva, the photographer, did a sensational job. See for yourself!

These are some of my favorites. If you think these are a lot, you should come over some time and look at the slideshow--over 300 pictures! Well, I do have a beautiful family, so who can blame him for taking so many? ;)

First, there were a few of just Jax, and then some posed ones of us as a family.

Then he did some candid shots of all of us on the beach, at sunset. Amazing!

And then were the sweetest pictures, of Jax and his cousin, Tyler. This was their first time meeting each other, and it was bittersweet because now I wish we lived closer than 3000 miles apart. It's clear they would be great friends!

David is extremely talented and I am so thrilled to have the photos to document such a fabulous time in our lives!  Such amazing memories.

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Zeller Family said...

Such great photos! Did you pick some for your house yet?? :)