Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Morning in Balboa Park

As our trip continued, we tried to take Jax to the places that were meaningful to me and JDubbs when we lived there. I brought him to Balboa Park one morning to show him where his Daddy used to work. Plus it was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't resist going there myself!

I wish I could have taken pictures of Jax at the reflection pool, but if I had let go of him for one instant, he would have been in there! There were big koi fish swimming temptingly just out of reach.

And he loved when the bell tower at the Museum of Man would toll out the time.

This day made me sad that we weren't living in San Diego, because I thought of all the beautiful walks around Balboa Park Jax and I could be taking, not to mention all of the fabulous museums! But I have to remember that if we were living there, I'd be working, so Jax would be in day care and these day trips would be fewer and farther between than I romanticize.

He was ready for his nap by the time we left. What a gorgeous and relaxing way to start a day!

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