Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ocean Beach

Our first day in San Diego began with a trip to Ocean Beach, a very unique and relaxing part of the city where JDubbs and I used to live. In fact, it's where we had our first apartment together. We lived half a block from where these beach pictures were taken! We wanted to show Jax the ocean and meander through the weekly farmer's market (always full of interesting sights, smells, and wares).

First stop, the beach.

Jax's first dip in the Pacific began tentatively,
 and then watch out!

He was off!

We could not get this kid out of the water, even after he slid face-first into the wet sand.

We frolicked for about an hour, and not until he was absolutely soaked to the bone, sand in all his crevices, did he allow us to leave, although he did protest. Thank goodness we had a change of clothes!

Next stop: Newport Pizza to refuel. JDubbs and I lived one block over from Newport Ave and all its fine establishments, so we have been there once or twice; I'll leave the story of how I drunkenly stumbled in there and tried to pay with my licenese (they take cash only) for another time.

Obviously, Jax participated in the vacation diet with us.

Then we wandered around looking for a little patch of grass for Jax to explore. As we soon remembered, OB is not famous for its grassy parks. But we found a little strip on the side of the road, and Jax investigated.'s not cold or white. What is this stuff?

Lastly, we walked through the farmer's market, but didn't buy anything. It was a beautiful day and Jax was definitely intrigued by the OBeacians and their interesting music, food, dogs, and flowers.

On the way back to the car, we headed back to the beach and Jax watched a little boy fly his kite. I think we'll have to get ourselves one of those this summer.

Although we were happy to finally move out of OB when the time came, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm glad we were able to bring Jax here and explore it as a family.

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