Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hippos and Gorillas

What trip to San Diego would be complete without a day at the zoo? Tricia, JDubbs, and I brought Jax and Aiden one sunny morning, and it was a real treat. Although many of the animals were too far away or camouflaged for Jax to really see them, he wasn't disappointed when it came to one of his favorite animals--the gorillas!
One of Jax's favorite books right now is Goodnight, Gorilla. Here is Jax giving a gorilla a goodnight kiss :
Aiden gave the gorilla a kiss of his own.

I wish I had been a little less pregnant and it had been a little less hot out, but we made the best of such an amazing opportunity.  We never made it to the zoo when we lived there, but it is definitely going to be a must-see on our itinerary every time we head back!

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