Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Run of the House

As I mentioned when Jax was toilet paperingNana and Papa's bathroom, we are staying at their house while our house is having work done. It's been great, especially for Jax, who knew this house but is now living like a king, enjoying everything Nana and Papa to offer. Like Papa's chair!

Yum...and their good food!

Pickles and watermelon? Yup, that was one meal. Sounds gross huh?

And he loves sitting outside on their deck, in the Adirondack chairs, enjoying the view and playing with his trucks. They roll really well on the hard wood.

A funny new development as he grows up is that he is starting to have adult emotions and he makes connections; he was confused to find flower petals on the ground and he kept trying to put them back in the flower pot, like he could put them back together again. What will he do when all the leaves fall off the trees?

And he has a whole "new" set of toys to play with, which is great, because going home again, his old toys will be like new! He loves to "answer" the phone and then give it to you. Good sharing!

All in all, it's been a great week and a half here and we may be here for a bit more, if our contractor continues to work on "Vermont time" (aka whenever he feels like it and it doesn't conflict with bow hunting season). I'm sure we'll have more stories to tell as his curiosity contiues to grow and he finds more mischief to make!

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