Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Boy! (Or Girl)

I think that most of our family and friends are now aware that we are soon to be a family of four, but I think that Baby  certainly deserves his or her own post to welcome him or her into our lives. Here we go!

I took that pregnancy test on Labor Day, mostly as a I-just-want-to-make-sure-I-am-not-pregnant-so-I-can-drink-today precaution. Molly, Tom, and baby Tommy were coming up for the day so I knew we would be enjoying a drink or two. Well, not to my shock because we had been trying to get pregnant for months now, but to my surprise, I was pregnant! I did not think for a second that it was going to be positive. The month before I had been SO sure that I had taken three negative tests! So when I hadn't felt pregnant at all, except maybe extra hungry, I was surprised to see that we were well on our way to becoming a foursome!

We are certainly terrible at keeping a secret, though--we told our immediate families that very day! I wasn't even a day late yet! We just took the word of a little piece of plastic and planned our lives accordingly. Baby is going to be here in the middle of May sometime, via scheduled C-section (no use going through all that nonsense again!), so we will know way ahead of time when to expect him or her (as will all of you!).

We finally had an ultrasound this past Monday confirming that there is a little peanut in my belly and that he or she has two arms, two legs, a head, and a heartbeat. He/she was swimming and dancing around happily. He/she was saying, "Hello Mom and Dad! Thanks for finally getting around to checking on me in here! I'm fine, thanks, just keep the food coming!" Here is a not-so-great picture, but we promise it looked much more baby-like in person; not so much a duck or a blob.

So, that's our exciting news! Jax could definitely not care less that I'm so tired and he thinks that now that Mommy has to eat all the time, he gets to eat as well! That's okay, he'll gain a few extra pounds along with me ;) Somehow, "That's Mommy's food..." doesn't really translate to him. Feeling pretty sick when I don't eat, and tired when I don't nap, but I just try to do both of those things regularly and I seem to be doing just fine!

Welcome to the blog, Baby!


Gloria Benalcazar Plawner said...

Awww, YAY!!! CONGRATS, Becky!!! So exciting! Love the adorable picture of your little blob!!! Can't wait to hear interesting stories and experience to come! Have so much fun and hope you feel as good as can be expected.

April Stone said...

So cute!!!

Jessica said...

I have butterflies in my belly! You have such a way with words and then seeing the photo of the new bambino, crazy teary Auntie Jessie. Love you guys!

The Dadej Family said...

We are so happy for !!! Welcome baby Whitney!