Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini Mishief

I should have learned from JDubbs's cousin Jaime that a quiet baby usually equals a mischievous baby. We're staying at Nana and Papa's house while we have some renovations done at our house, so Jax has some new, unbaby-proofed territory to explore.
I was getting dressed when I realized that he had been a little too quiet for a little too long. Here is what I discovered:

I love how he shows it to me like I might want to share.
So of course, I ran and got the camera because the damage was already done, and here is some documentation of his poor decision making:

This is the new diabolical face. I've noticed it on a few of his pictures this month. I'm not sure where it comes from, but it does make me wonder if he is plotting to take over the world in his spare time.

And since I couldn't totally condone his behavior, I did teach him that we have to clean up after our messes. He thought that was just as much fun as tp-ing the bathroom!

Guess I need to keep a closer eye on him from now on...and he's not even walking yet! Imagine the mischief he'll be getting into then!

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The Dadej Family said...

I love to see Tyler isn't the only one getting himself into trouble.