Monday, September 14, 2009

The First Fort

Okay, I will admit, this could hardly be called a fort. It was literally two chairs with a blanket hanging over them. I'm sure if JDUbbs had been home there would have been a lot more sophistication in design and construction, but this was just a between dinner and bath pastime. In other words, made by a girl. But hey, Jax didn't mind.
This fort had all his favorite things: binky, blankie, cars, books, and of course, snacks! He's a little young for s'mores (plus, no campfire) so he got puffs instead.

Hey it was food--this kid doesn't discriminate. There was the inevitable meltdown once they were all gone...

...and then Baxter broke up the party and took whatever scraps were left.

Well, at least we know Jax has imagination! He loved doing something different. And if all it takes is some furniture and a little ingenuity, at least I know how to spend a few rainy days.

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