Friday, September 18, 2009

Apple Picking

 Jax and his friends, with their mommies in tow, took their first tour around Poverty Lane Orchards and went apple picking. By apple picking I mean that Jax picked several apples up off the ground, but we didn't buy any. This trip was purely for photo shoot purposes.

The pictures are all of Jax looking down--at the grass, at an apple, at anything but me! They're still nice, though, because the colors are so bright. Just wait until we have autumn leaves...
The orchard was gorgeous and they just let us have the run of the place. We could sit, climb, munch, take pictures, all for free if we didn't buy anything, or 99 cents/lb. of apples. I will definitely be buying my apples from them--don't they look delicious?

I also took a bunch of pictures of Jax's good friend, Harper, for her mom Katharine as potential Christmas cards. We moms are always thinking ahead!

How cute is that???

Jax had a great time with his buddies Colby, Drew, Lily, Evelyn, and Harper :) He's got a pretty great little circle of friends going on here. It'll help make the winter go by much more quickly!

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