Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Sweeter Side

I've noticed in the past month of so that Jax is acting more toddler-like, showing "maturity," if you will, like demonstrating his understanding of right and wrong. He shakes his head no if he does something he shouldn't, like pull Baxter's tail or touch the wine rack at Nana and Papa's. He tries to do "pat pat" to Baxter instead of yanking on him, but generally that just ends up abusing Baxter more than before--picture Bam Bam from the Flintstones. But a sweet bonus to this new side of him is that he is beginning to be conscious of other people's feelings, and I think he is starting to want to share. Lately much of his playtime revolves around sharing an object back and forth, and giving kisses--especially to babies. He is obsessed with the picture of his baby cousin Tommy on the fridge and points to it several times a day. It's really the sweetest way to pass the time, handing toys to each other and stopping to give babies in books kisses. Such a sweet little boy already.

Just now, as I was putting him down for a nap, he was snuggling on my shoulder with his binkie and Blankie, ready to fall asleep. Then he popped his head up, pulled the binkie out of his mouth, and handed it to me--well, basically, tried to shove it in my mouth. I tried to say no, thank you for you the slobbery gift, but he insisted and wiped the slobbery binkie all over me anyway. So I accepted. Then he did the unheard of--he handed me his Blankie. Like he was the grown-up putting me to bed, and I needed my Blankie to snuggle. I snuggled it for a second and he smiled like he had done a good deed--then took it back, of course. He's sweet, but not that sweet.I hope this means we're doing a good job and that he isn't going to be
that terrible of a toddler. We'll have to see!

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