Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feels Like Fall!

Ah, autumn. The precursor to months of freezing cold winter. No wonder God made it so colorful! It's a celebration, the last hurrah before we bunker down and start dreaming of spring.

We've been enjoying these last few days of warmth, seeing wild turkeys, deer, eating real Vermont cheddar cheese and going maple syrup tasting. Fall in Vermont is one thing that is undeniably beautiful and unspoiled, and of course, it makes for some great pictures! That's why I moved here, really.

Jax was so happy to be playing out in the yard, and these pics weren't even of the good crunchy leaves yet. Just wait a week--JDubbs will be making big piles of leaves and we'll show Jax the real fun of fall: playing in piles of leaves, especially with a crazy puppy. Let's enjoy the outside while we still can!


April Stone said...

He is so precious Becky! I feel like I know him form reading your posts. What a sweet boy :)

gramma said...

i have the most beautiful grandchildren ever!!!! love gramma

Dawniebee12 said...

You should be a photographer Becky. Those are so good! Love ya!