Monday, April 13, 2009

Jax's First Easter!

I wish I could say, as my cousin-in-law Jaime so appropriately reminded me, that Easter was bigger than the bunny for us this year. Sadly, I cannot make such a claim. This year, Easter was about family, friends, and food, with an acknowledgment of its true purpose in my head and heart, if not necessarily embodied by our actions.

The Easter festivities seemed to begin on Wednesday with the arrival of JDubbs's Aunts Shelley and Rae, here to escort Grand-mere back to the land of sunshine also known as California. We had dinner with the whole family Wednesday and Thursday night, and Jax was flexible enough to let us interrupt his schedule (a trend we could continue through the week). We went shopping in Woodstock, where Nana bought Jax his now beloved blabla doll--I'll explain later--and the aunties got a chance to snuggle and get to know their great nephew :)

Then we headed down to Civilization for some quality time with Becky's family. It didn't get off to such an auspicious start, however, as Jax decided to christen our new car while I was changing his diaper in a parking lot off the highway. JDubbs was in the NH Liquor Store stocking up on wine for the weekend so I did the only thing I could--I picked him up so he could pee all over me rather than the seat I would sitting on for the next hour and a half. Then we both needed a wardrobe change, neither of us had anything we could easily access, so let's just say we made do. Here is Jax, naked and proud of his accomplishment.

We then were able to spend time with both sides of my family, have brunch with friends, celebrate Grampy's birthday, and have two delicious Easter dinners. Yes, I said two--I told you Easter was about food this year. One was in Civilization, for the last Easter at West Street since my mom is selling her house soon and so we had the traditional ham dinner and Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard.

Jax loved spending time with his cousins and he, Daddy, and I took a great family picture. Overall, we had a fabulous time celebrating with our family.

Then it was back to Vermont where we had dinner with Jdubbs's family, including Molly and Tom who were up for the weekend. We got to see everyone we love and break bread together in honor of this important time of year. Although we may not have been able to attend church, the significance of the day was not lost to us.

Happy Easter to everyone! :)

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