Monday, April 13, 2009

A Walk with Blabla

Let me introduce you to someone very special: it's a cat made of yarn, and its name is Blabla. Blabla is the brand that makes these expensive little sock animals which are all the rage in suburban Vermont. Most people's response to Blabla is, "I could have made that." Ah, but you didn't, and therefore you are not raking in the big bucks. Regardless, Blabla came along on Jax's first trip in the front of his stroller.

I like to think of Blabla as the alternative to Blankie; so when I don't want to take Blankie somewhere (like a walk on dirty gravel roads) I turn to Blabla. When Jax wants something to mush and suck on, Blabla is as good as Blankie to him, unless its time for bed. Jax reaches for Blabla and smiles at it like its his long lost friend. More smiles than I get, that's for sure ;) Anyway, the point is, Blabla is here to stay.

This past Friday, Jax, Blabla, and I went for a walk up the street in Jax's stroller with Jax in the actual seat for the first time, not in his carseat attachment. So this was a big day for us--the sun was shining, it was Good Friday, and we were heading down to Massachusetts a few hours later. I thought for sure Jax would love a bit of fresh air before being trapped in the car.
Not so much.

Jax's attitude toward the walk was pretty much indifference mixed with a bit of passive aggression. He didn't smile, look interested, or even blow a raspberry. He pretty much gave me the silent treatment and then took out his unhappiness on Blabla.

That's when I knew I was in trouble.

Overall, the walk was fine. I got a workout, Jax got to see beyond the four walls of our house, and we both got a nice dose of sunshine. Nothing could really seem to make Jax happy, though...

Finally, I walked in front of the stroller and said, "Buddy, are you ready to go home?" And here's what I got:
The first smile of the day :)

Maybe he's not a California baby after all?

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