Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty In Pink

I make an effort to buy and dress Em in colors other than pink.  She wears her brother's old pajamas, with cars and bears and dogs on them in various shades of blue.  She wears his old Carters stretch pants in traditionally boy colors.  She wears Jax's old orange and brown hoodie sweatshirt on colder days.  But I get so darn aggravated when people mistake her for a boy, even when she's sucking on a pink binkie.  Apparently it's cool for me to give my little boy a pink binkie but not for me to dress my little girl in brown, blue, or orange.  So, as summer draws near and I am buying dresses and rompers, I find myself drawn to the sweet pink frocks with ribbons and ruffles and matching bloomers and hats.

And I won't apologize for it!

I made the conscious decision to have her bedroom be yellow with pink and white accents.  I didn't want to inundate her life with stereotypical girlie things.  If she wanted to be a rough and tumble tomboy, I would be prepared.  I encourage her to play with Jax's trucks and trains.  We go outside and play in the dirt.

But she's a girl, through and through.  Without prompting.

I swear I didn't force her to be super girlie.  Not that I'm upset about it.  But you've seen her with the beads and that hats!

I mean, with this peaches and cream complexion, she looks just too darn cute in pink to resist.

Even suffering from her fourth or fifth double ear infection of 2011 (I've lost count), she still keeps a smile on her cherubic face.  Most of the time.

Yes, going to an ear, nose, and throat specialist is on the agenda soon.  Yuck.

But nothing can keep this little princess down.  She really is the sweetest thing, inside and out.

And getting big.  Oh, baby girl.  You're getting big.

Maybe this ear thing is the reason she's still not sleeping through the night.  Keep your fingers crossed this antibiotic works and we'll get on track to making her all better. 

Sweet little baby.  Mama loves you.

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kimberly rae said...

Ooooh! those cheeks!! absolutely adorable!! :)

my3littlebirds said...

Gorgeous girl!

Sinea said...

Your little Em looks just like my niece, at her age. Ashley is now a married lady with a photo-opt quality baby boy!

When it comes to those colors...SHE will let you know, someday soon, if pink is her color. Whatever she wears, though, your little girl is adorable!

Joyce said...

Pink and Princesses....We never bought any princess stuff for my older one and we never watched any of the Disney princess movies, but somehow she was drawn to them. =p Hope Em's ear infection clears up soon. said...

Shes so adorable! Love her little pink outfits!

I'm a new follower from the Weekend Blog Hop! Following on GFC and Twitter.

Please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

Pinching Abe said...

What a doll baby! She's a cutie!

I'm here from Relax and Surf and a new follower. Please stop by to visit me soon :)

Amy said...

She's just precious!! What an adorable girl in pink or orange or blue or brown or whatever! I try not to always dress my girls in pink as well, and it never fails that someone calls my 9-month-old a boy at least once when we go out, sometimes even when she is wearing pink!

Just found your blog and i'm really enjoying reading and looking at the photos. - Amy

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Awww she is such a cutie. What a sweet baby girl you have. Love her little shoes.
Hope she feels better soon and the antibiotic works for her.

Cedar said...

After two boys I was very happy to switch to frilly, pink things--it doesn't stop her from playing in the dirt, but she looks pretty doing it.

Your baby is adorable and I hope the ENT can give you some answers.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...


I used to put my first daughter in my son's clothes if we were not going anywhere. I had a couple girly things for going out & that was it. I was very thrifty when it came to reusing the baby stuff. Then one of the guys that my hubs worked with was talking with me when I was expecting girl #2 and I mentioned to him that I made her wear the boy's clothes. Within a week - he brought us probably 10 bags of hand-me-downs from his 2 girls. This was 7 years ago & I swear there are still some of those pieces in their closet today. I have surely gotten all the use I can out of them. I was so grateful for that & the girls never wore boy clothes again. Now I take all my son's barely used clothes & sell them on e-bay. The girls things- by the time it gets thought several years of them both wearing them- they are rags & totally not sell-able. I wouldn't even give them away. :)

L. said...

She is ADORABLE! Love the shot of her holding the yellow flower--it's gorgeous!

Karen said...

If you like hand-me-downs you are welcome to ours. Hailey has SO MANY girl clothes. A lot still have tags or she only wore once. I have no nieces and by the time I do I am sure my sisters will be over the styles. I always get compliments on her clothes so if you want them, they are yours =)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is so cute!