Friday, May 6, 2011

What's New With These Two

Some Insight Into Their Little Personalities:

I was cutting up cherry tomatoes into baby-sized bites for Em, when I noticed Jax was flipping all his tomato halves upside down so that the seeds were face-down.  Odd, but whatever.  Then I heard his little voice whisper, "It's aw white, tomatoes." (aka. all right)  "Don't be scared."  I looked up again with a quizzical look.  Why exactly do tomatoes get scared?

"Why did you flip the tomatoes over, Jax?"
"So they won't be scared, Mama."
"Why would they be scared?"
"Because I'm going to eat them."
"Now they can't see you coming?"
"Mmm-hmm," he agreed, mouth full of unsuspecting tomato.

At least he's showing empathy?  Remorse?  Imagination?  Lunacy?

* * * * * * *

And she is cracking me up lately.

Just one year old and loves taking her dollies for a walk.

And loves accessories.  Yesterday she kept pulling her sock off and trying to put it on her head like a hat or a headband.  So in order to keep her toes warm, I got her a hat.  And she wore it for as long as my fear that she was losing blood flow to her brain would allow!

It's a little tight, poor melon.

She loves all things girlie.  Today she wore a string of beads to the playground and rocked her blue Old Navy sunglasses.  She kept giving me a piece of ribbon this morning and putting it on her head.  Sorry, kiddo.  Not enough hair for pigtails yet.  We'll get there!

So that's what's new with these two.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

My little girl just turned 1 at the end of March and she is just so precious. Love that adorable hat on baby girl's chubby noggin!

Kara said...

Oh my goodness, I love the story about Jax!

melody-mae said...

okay, so can this post about these adorable kiddos be any sweeter?

Jax feeling sorry for the tomatoes? Oh my...he is too cute for words
and then there is your Em, all things girly...yeah, I could just love and cuddle that one all day long!!!!

have a great day sweetie

Heather M said...

OOOh!!! Jax was looking out for the tomatoes!! That story made me laugh out loud!!! I look forward to my lil guy making things up like that!! Watch out mom Em's going to be a style diva!!!

Little Bitty Things said...

Hey there - cute blog - found you on the blog hop. I have a son names Jax too...and I hope that he gives me funny stories to blog about soon (he's only 9 months right now!). Too cute about the tomatoes!

Nikki said...

That story about Jax is adorable!! You have such cute kids. I love the second picture of your daughter pushing the cart, she looks like a miniature grown-up! LOl.

One More Equals Four said... the tomato story!

Your children are beautiful! Have a great Mother's Day!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Is Jax a future vegan? that is such a sweet story...I can't wait til mine talk imaginatively like that...

aimee said...

awww! You have very beautiful kids. That is so cute when he thought the tomatoes are scared. The innocence of a child. So touching! What a cute little girly girl you have. I wish I have a girl to put on girly accesories. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Mother's day!

Diane and Chad said...

beautiful photos!!!..and kids! Love the tomato story, so cute. I am a new follower from a sat. hop, hope you'll come visit:)

Babymama said...


New follower from this weekend's bloghop...

Wishin' my babygirl would find a love for accessories...

The pics are too cute. And so good -
Miss Em's eyes are UNBELIEVABLE.