Monday, April 11, 2011


Saturday we met up with our friends to unleash our kids in a pack to experience the thrill of the hunt.

This is our second year attempting to participate in the CCBA's Easter Egg Hunt in Lebanon, NH.  Last year it didn't get above thirty degrees and we had to leave early because all Jax did was this:

We couldn't even stay to find any eggs.  I think he was trying to communicate to us that he had frostbite.  Maybe invest in some mittens for me, Mom!

This year he knew what to expect and was ready for some hunting.

He knows those pastel plastic eggs can hold some pretty exciting loot.  Like bubbles, which are little more than just plain messy because God forbid he let one of us help him.  All he gets are soapy hands out of the business, but he's determined to do it alone!  I guess this is what it's like to be two.  Determined and uncoordinated.

On a happy note, he was a sweet boy and got some eggs for his sister.  I love how he says, "Here you go, Em!" when he hands things to her.  And even though you have all realized that Em is her blog nickname, not her full name, that is the nickname he uses for her.  To him, she is "Em."  It's really pretty darn cute.  Oh, and yesterday he told me she was his best friend.  Smile.

Em was fairly impressed, although not excited when I took away her Tootsie Rolls.  Tootsie Rolls at an Easter Egg hunt?  Half these kids don't even have molars!  Come on, CCBA, step it up in the candy department.  And how about a trash can or two?

When the magic was over (after two minutes), we adults were left standing around wondering what to do next.  The playground proved unsuccessful--

--as did pictures with the Easter Bunny.  Poor Em.

I love the one on the left, but the one on the right is great because she's looking at her brother like, How could you do this to me?

So we headed off to get some lunch with our friends.  Ten adults, five toddlers, two babies, three babies-in-utero.  Quite a lunch!  But the kids were miraculously well-behaved and we could all just kick back and enjoy each other's company.  As the days warm up and the evenings get longer, I look forward to more days like this!  Minus the scary Easter Bunny.


Carolyn said...

Super cute pictures! Your kids made my day.

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Sarah said...

How fun. Cute photos.

nettymownetty said...

Saw you through the blog hop.
That cute picture of your kid where he made a face made me do the same thing! :D

Alicia Stucky said...

I so can't wait til Easter this year. Matthew in a sweatervest and Scarlett in pantyhose -- the one day of the year my step-daughter is willing to wear a dress without black. I love Easter.

XLMIC said...

So much fun! You have a real couple of cuties!