Saturday, April 2, 2011

How We Roll

Lately, our lives have been a lot like this (but more snowy than rainy):

The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss

Although spring officially sprung a while ago, we still get flurries that accumulate on top of our mud and melting snow.  Overall, it's still a fairly wintery world out there in Vermont, although the temperatures are rising.  It's been warm enough to bring our kids outside, but there's nowhere to bring them!  Anywhere that is plowed is a parking lot or other potential hazard.  Anywhere that isn't knee-deep in snow is ankle-deep in mud.  But the sun is smiling its yellowy goodness down upon us and the kids are practically begging for fresh air.  Isn't there a middle (dry) ground?

Actually, there is.  You all have one, too.  It's called a tennis court and it's probably dry as a bone right now, even if you have to trudge through a bog to reach it.  And the only lucky part of this whole never-ending winter is that no one yet feels like putting on their tennis whites, so there are no nets.  A dry, clean, expansive play pen, perfect for letting children run amok and dust off their tricycles.  They would have to actually try to hurt themselves, it's so simple and safe.

The Trendy Treehouse

Of course, Jax only wanted to play with the ride-on toy I brought for his sister; that's always the way.

We met three friends and their five kids at the tennis court/playground (the playground was remarkably dry thanks to a few nearly 50 degree days) and we let them have at it.  They were so happy to be unleashed!  They were able to just go and get away from us but we didn't have to worry about them getting hit by a car or abducted by strangers.  Not a care in the world, other than the occasional fight over a trike or a runny nose to wipe.

I'll admit when we first got there it was cold--much closer to thirty degrees than fifty.  I didn't blame Em for staying snug in her carseat until the sun had a chance to do its business.

But the older kids didn't mind in the least.  What's a little frostbite or windburn in the name of fun?

They built trains.

They tried out each others' vehicles and helmets.

They made us proud.

That's a proud mama right there.

They were big helps.

They woke up and decided to join the party.

And just when things got a little boring, we switched it up and headed to the playground.  A new burst of energy and more fun at their fingertips. 


It was just fun.

This is how we roll--making the most of every sunny day because we don't know when we'll have another day like this again (note: this was 3 days ago and we haven't played outside again since). 

And since my friends are all on baby number two as well (in the belly or out), it is great to watch the older kids play together without us.  Ah, independence.  It can be so frustrating when we've been locked inside for what feels like months, but give them some room and I love to watch them grow.

And they do grow up fast. 

We'll just keep rolling with it, soaking up the sunshine and spending time with friends, watching the babies grow.  Making the most of what is a pretty great situation.


Diane and Chad said...

what a delightful blog...your kids are adorable. Kudos to you for thinking of the tennis courts!! I am following from the I heart blog hop,hope you will visit back:

Amie said...

I will have to remember that Tennis courts make a great play space when things are soggy. Thanks

DoubleTheLove! said...

What a great idea! When, and if, mother nature decides to stop dumping us with snow I will have to try it out! Best part is they can't escape =)

XLMIC said...

So fun to get to be a part of your day :) Hope you get some more outside time soon!

my3littlebirds said...

Sweet post. I'm with you waiting for spring. We are doing lots of pillow forts and indoor "obstacle courses" these days.

Kara said...

Tennis courts. What a great idea. A little bit of sun goes a long way, but we need more of it around here.

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

I loved your blog title and the photos are wonderful. Great idea to go 'riding'on a dry tennis court.

Nice meeting you on the blog hop.

happykidshappymom said...

You are so right! Tennis courts are the perfect place to take young children. My own are 4 and 2.5, and they never seem to head in the same direction -- so the fencing around the courts is just the thing.

I came over here from Top Mommy Blogs, and am so glad I did. I love your energy! Your title is what attracted me, as I wrote a post recently called, "Rub Some Chocolate on it." (I was having a bad day, and my husband came over to me, and started rubbing a bag of Dove chocolates on my back. Like it was an icepack.)

Anyway, nice to "meet you!" (And beautiful pictures.)

Toni said...

What an awesome idea!!

We dont get that much snow in TN so we're still able to hit the yard and local parks, but if we're ever stuck in several feet of snow and yet the roads are still usable {which is just impossible for my town :)} then I'll def. know of a place to play!!!

Toni @ Carrigan's Joy

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

So very cute! I really like the shot of you mamas too. Thanks for linking up today!

Cedar said...

Tennis courts! What a brilliant idea. Great shots and that last one is precious!

L. said...

I love the photos! You can tell the kids had a great time--sending warm and sunny thoughts your way!

Tara said...

Cute Pics. Thanks for linking up at Shutter Love