Friday, April 1, 2011


One of the best parts about expanding my blogging horizons has been the amazing things I've learned about photography and the very cool people and websites I have discovered who challenge me.  One of the first ones I found was Simplicity--my life in mostly photographs

and the very first day I went over there I learned a very interesting photographic tool.  It's called a Diptych, and you can read Faith's explanation on her site because she put it a lot more eloquently (and with some pretty awesome examples) here.  But don't go over there and forget to come back!  Her site is pretty amazing.

To put in simply, a diptych is when you put two images side by side to create an artistic statement.  They can be harmonious images, contrasting images, thought-provoking, you get the idea.  They say something.  Well, I'm definitely no artist, but I was inspired by this notion to try something new for yet another fabulous photography website that I suggest (and have suggested before, but just in case you weren't around then) you get to know.

Tara over at Live Every Moment encourages me to do a weekly photo challenge, and I love participating.  Her prompts are fun and make me think outside the box.  Plus I love her beautiful photos and helpful explanations!  This week the challenge is "a different view/perspective" and I was just going to link up my self-portrait from the other day because that was a unique photographic perspective for me, but then a chance to be even more creative occured and although it was a bit crazy, I went with it.

Em was happily playing with the box Jax's new booster carseat came in (getting ready to put her in his big boy/big girl carseat very soon!) and I was getting some cute shots.  Jax calls this box their "clubhouse"--guess who's been watching a bit too much Disney Channel?

(used Lightroom preset "aged photo" for these.  Look at me getting all preset-y.  I told you I was going to be branching out)

And that's when my crazy photographer side took over.  I had recently read a post about how if you're not making a fool of yourself when you're taking photos of kids, you'll end up with some pretty lame photos that all look the same.  Plus kids find it interesting when you're being an idiot.  So inspiration struck and I thought of the Live Every Moment challenge.  A different perspective.  Well, my shots so far were pretty predictable.  I thought I'd spice it up.  So I climbed in the box and took pictures facing Em on the outside.

I am such a freak. 

But the photos were pretty cute and it's all in the name of my art, remember?  So here are some from my new perspective.

At first I was completely intriguing.

But then I became old news.  Oh, it's just Mom with her camera.  Same old thing, different perspective.  She found a piece of packing tape that was much more riveting. 

And so, here is my submission for Live Every Moment's photo challenge this week on a different view/perpective.

My very own diptych.  One from outside the box, one from within.  Two perspectives, one beautiful baby girl as the subject, and one crazy lady with a camera.  Such is life.


Tara said...

Yay for branching out!!! You did great! You got some great captures. She is so her little baby belly and the blankey over her head. Cuteness!!

Jessie said...

Here from Follow me Friday. I've never done a blog hop before, this is fun! Glad I found your blog! Youve taken some really stunning photos of your kiddos. :)

Jessie from

DRWphotos said...

Great job! Love the picture you captured when you were still "interesting." Ha! Very cute baby!

greeneyesco said...

Love it - what a fabulous idea and great experience for you.
Stopping by on melomamma blog hop.


ArtsyNina said...

Beautiful pics!

-stopping by from melomomma

Yankee Texan said...

LOVE the pictures! She is beautiful and love how you stretche a bit to try new things - we all need to do that. Here from the melomomma blog hop. (I think I was here last week and forgot to follow - I have remedied my "oops!" moment and am now a follower). Have a great weekend!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Hmmm. By getting inside the box, you're . . . outside the box. Great pics, very cute baby girl.

Kelly said...


LifeBelowZero said...

Happy to be a new follower from the all week hop:
Life Below Zero