Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been so fortunate lately to have several bloggy friends and sponsors sprinkle me with bloggy love.  As a way of thanking them, I want to be sure to acknowledge it and hopefully send some of  you readers their way!

* Lisa at Joyful Jones

posted pictures of me and Em and the butterflies in her bedroom as pictures that gave her joy last week.  I love linking up to her photo challenge on Fridays--you just add her button beneath a photo that gave you joy; no pressure to be photographically inclined.  It just makes you take a moment to focus on the joyful things in life. 

My joyful photos aren't edited yet, but they are from last night at Cocktails and Crafts at my friend Katie's house.  It was a small group but Jax had such a great time.  When we left I said, "Did you have fun with your friends?" and he said, "Yes.  I LOOOOOVE my friends!"  Such a sweet boy and such great buddies.  I will hopefully have those pictures up later today!

* Last night, Melody-Mae linked back to me after she took her grandson on a treasure hunt for cool things in their yard and had a fabulous time!  She was inspired by Jax's hunt for 10 Cool Things a little while ago and had a great time hunting.  I'm so glad that others take our fun little activities and run with them!

* Then I found out that there is a great list of preschool activities over at Teach Preschool where she has highlighted at least two of my actvities, the Spring Thumbprint Art and the Egg Flowers.  I spent a little time poking around over there and found some great ideas for activities and crafts for preschoolers.  You should go check it out--you'll get sucked right in!

* TJ at Any Given Moment (another Vermont mommy!) also tried the Sprint Thumbprint Art with her son and his buddy and had great success!  She put a bit of a different spin on her chicks--they were adorable.  Worth taking a look!

* Finally,


I've been featured at While He Was Napping for my Egg Garland, even though it was a bit of a craft-tastrophe!  I guess some people are sympthetic to my plight of being a crafty train wreck!  It is always so exciting to have my crafts featured.
I'm so lucky that so many of my bloggy friends use this site as a resource for fun spring activities with their families!  I love helping people out, and nothing better than an easy, fun way to spend a spring day!  Thanks for linking back everyone!

Oh, and don't forget that I'm writing a weekly blog post over at my sponsor, Upper Valley Connections!  I alternate between posting a craft and a book recommendation.  This week I share the love of Bear In Underwear!  If you're a local parent, be sure to remember that Upper Valley Connections has a great community calendar with awesome ideas for kids and families!

Hooray for bloggy love!


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Ok wow you're busy! And making me feel like a lazy blogger : )

Katherines Corner said...

Have a Happy Friday,Happy Good Friday, Happy Easter, Happy Earth Day and Happy Jelly Bean Day( Yep it's really jelly bean day). Hugs from Katherine
P.S> please stop by and enter my giveaway to win a gorgeous dress

Zeller Family said...

How do you have time to do all of this??? You amaze me! Congrats!