Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Butterflies In Flight!

Our butterflies have taken flight and transformed into a work of art!

Remember the simple butterfly-from-a-coffee-filter craft I did a couple weeks ago?  Well, a friend of mine from high school took her butterflies to a whole new level I never thought of!  She and her beautiful daughter Makenna

were inspired to create a butterfly mobile of their own for Makenna's bedroom!  All they did was attach the butterflies to yarn and then to a coat hanger.  Look how fabulous it came out!

The best part of blogging: taking someone else's idea, running with it, only to learn that someone else picked it up and made it even better!  Thank you, Jen, for sharing your pictures and crafty extension with us! 

If I hadn't spent more than I care to mention at Pottery Barn Kids buying Em not one but two butterfly mobiles for her little room, I would be making these right now as we speak.  But a girl can only have so many butterflies (and mobiles) in one room.  So you all go out and make some and send me pictures of the finished product! 

I'm so proud.

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