Monday, February 28, 2011

Joy of Love #28: Companionship

Today is the final day for the Joy of Love photo tutorial.  Even though I only participated about once a week, I still loved getting the emails and thinking of ways to document how I love my family. I need to continue doing that, tutorial or no, on my own to keep my joys, and not my gripes, on my mind.

So today's assignment, fittingly since it's the last, is The Future.  "What do you see in your loved ones' future?  What will they be doing...How is their future bright?"  Well, after reading that I paused to think and as I was doing so, watched my two little rugrats crawling around under the kitchen table.  Em was worshipping Jax and lapping up the attention from him.  He was vacillating between having fun with her and trying to get her the heck away from him.  Then I realized, happy, that I don't know what the future holds for these two, but as long as they have each other, they'll be just fine.

This is kind of how it is with these two.  He is a crazy toddler monster.  She watches his every move.  He's loud; she's quiet.  He does; she observes.  He acts; she appreciates.  For now, because of her sincere adoration, they have a good thing going on.

He is a blur that constantly entertains her.  He orbits around her in a whir of motion.

They're different in some pretty fundamental ways.  She is so much more active than he was at her age.  Ironic, since now he is a ball of energy, and makes me wonder how she could ever grow up to be more physical than she is now.  For all his running, he is so verbal and loves to read more than anything.  She can hardly stay still for a minute; she wants to stand and climb and scoot.  When they grow up, will he be the introspective one, while she is off climbing mountains? 

But let's not forget; they're pretty similar, too!

All I hope for their future is that they love.  Love each other.  Find love with someone else.  Love their jobs, love where they live.  Love the choices they've made, love the people they become.  Love us for how we raised them.  Love the memories of their childhood.

But most of all, love each other.  Be kind, and love.


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh how I love capturing siblings interacting with each other. Warms my heart.

A Plummer's Life said...

Stopping in from bloggy moms! I am your newest follower! These pics make my heart melt! SO PRECIOUS!

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A Plummer's Life said...

What adorable pics! Made my heart melt!

Shelley Fischer said...

What cutie pies! Good pics Becky